The Festival, which ran from 30/07/2015 to 08/08/2015, has now finished

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Kingston Welcomes Korea

Thank You
Ten days of the amazing KWK Festival


We have staged:
  • five Korean and Anglo-Korean shows at the Rose Theatre, each different but of high quality;
  • six excellent Korean and Anglo-Korean concerts and recitals at the  All Saints Concert Hall;
  • an art exhibition of five outstanding young Korean artists at Penny School Gallery;
  • a Green Debate, low in audience numbers but high in content;
  • a UK Trade and Investment Conference at the Rose Theatre, with 80 British and Korean companies taking part ;
  • talks at the Kingston Museum and New Malden Library;
  • and an exhibition of Korean bridal display at Kingston Museum.
We have achieved:
  • the first British festival to engage at depth with a culture other than its own, including collaborative events at a top artistic level;
  • the first British festival to demonstrate that international commerce and culture go hand in hand;
  • the first English festival to provide a public forum about major international questions at the heart of its events.
We were approached by Shandong Province in China to inquire if a similar KW Shandong Festival could be staged in 2017 and they sent a delegation. If there is the will to do so, this festival could be the fore-runner of many others and the KW Festivals could become a prominent feature of the international festival scene.
None of this could have happened without your support. Thanks you very much.
Rt Hon Edward Davey MP

Edward Davey, former MP – Head of the Supporters Committee